Patient Stories

Before and After Photos

The best way to see how personalized ophthalmology care impacts eye health is to view before and after photos from some of our success stories.

Before diabetic retinopathy After diabetic retinopathy

Patient with severe diabetic retinopathy right and left eye. Without treatment, this patient’s risk of blindness is roughly 50% in the next 1-5 years.

After three monthly intravitreal injection treatments, notice the improvement in the number of retinal hemorrhages. Retinal hemorrhages over time can lead to severe visual loss. Now this patient’s risk of blindness is decreased.

Before macular degeneration After macular degeneration

Patient with wet macular degeneration in their right eye. Presented with vision loss and a blurred central spot that happened a couple days prior to seeing Dr. Esparaz. Their vision was 20/50.

After a series of intravitreal injections, their vision has returned to 20/20 with improved quality of vision.

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