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A New Outlook on Eye Health

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Total Vision, Total Wellness

Your eyes not only let you see the world around you – they offer a glimpse at your overall health. As a board-certified ophthalmologist and lifestyle medicine specialist focused on whole-body health and wellness, Dr. E. Shanika Esparaz doesn’t stop at treating your vision problems. She aims to diagnose any underlying conditions that may be contributing to your symptoms. By customizing a care plan around medication, surgery, nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle habits, she’ll work with you to help you the most out of your vision and enjoy better health for life.

Our Medical & Surgical Services

Dr. Esparaz’s practice is unique in that she provides comprehensive ophthalmology care with a subspecialty focus in retina. She offers in-office medical retina treatment, including minimally-invasive laser therapy and injections. She also surgically manages routine and complex cataracts, which in many cases includes the implantation of premium lenses using laser-assisted surgery to help improve patients’ vision, and in some cases, reduce their need for glasses. For those living with glaucoma, she can help slow the progression of the disease with in-office laser and medical therapy.

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The Conditions We Treat

Age-Related Macular  Degeneration 
Diabetic Retinopathy 
Retinal Vein Occlusion 
Cystoid Macular Edema 
Retinal Bleeding 
Retinal Tears and Holes 
Plaquenil Related Eye Disease 
Hereditary Retinal Disease 
Dry Eye

A Better Eyecare Experience

Protecting your vision requires a complete view of your health. Everything – from your genetics to your diet to your screen time – plays a role in how your eyesight evolves with aging. Unfortunately, insurance companies have limited the time ophthalmologists can spend with their patients, forcing them to address only the symptoms of eye disease, not the root cause. At Envision, we believe in lifestyle medicine – where we strive to restore both your vision and your wellness.

Because Envision is a direct pay, membership-based ophthalmology practice, insurance no longer stands in the way of your care. We take the time to build a closer relationship with you, coordinate care with your full medical team, and empower you with education to take greater control of your health. It’s evidence-based and patient-centered medicine that treats the whole you.

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The Benefits of Direct Patient Care

100% Personalized Care

We get to know you as the individual you are so we can tailor care to your condition and lifestyle. Your treatment isn’t limited to medication or surgery. Instead, we’ll work together on a comprehensive plan that addresses all aspects of wellness.

No More Rushed Visits

You no longer have to spend hours in the waiting room just to see your doctor for a few minutes. At Envision, you’ll spend more face-to-face time with Dr. Esparaz and her staff so we can get a full picture of your overall health and answer any questions you have.

Immediate Care

Envision members scheduling routine and emergency appointments can often be seen the same day or next day. In addition, Dr. Esparaz is available to members by email or text.

Transparent Pricing

Because Envision is a direct pay practice, you’ll no longer be surprised by unexpected bills. Your monthly membership fee covers your general ophthalmology care, and any extra costs in regards to treatment or surgery are disclosed before your procedure. Envision also accepts Medicare.

A Dedicated Medical Advocate

Dr. Esparaz helps you understand the complexities of your condition and your treatment options. She also works alongside your other providers to ensure a collaborative approach to managing your condition and preventing future vision loss.

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